On the fly engineering: cold storage for lobsters: a bait freezer, bathtub, vodka and pump

Mike the lobsterman on the on-the-fly engineering a cold holding tank for his lobster catch. You need:

An old bathtub.

Plastic tubing.

Duct tape and spray foam.

A bait freezer.

Connect the insulated tub and the freezer with tubing, run antifreeze - no, vodka - through the line with a pump, and you're done. Mike's subtext of SHTF preparedness (generate your own electricity) happens to be green. He runs the rig off solar power he collects at his dock in Salem, Ma.

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Mike the Lobsterman on the wreck of the schooner Jennie M. off Salisbury Beach

The cargo schooner Jennie M., driven ashore by a powerful nor'east storm while enroute to Boston with a cargo of cobblestones, was lost with all hands. The ship's ribs, buried in the sands of Salisbury Beach, uncover every few years during winter storms.

Local gossip holds that the Jennie was carrying moonshine liquor.

The crew abandoned ship. Their bodies were never found. Sole survivor of the wreck was the ship's cat.

Mike visits one day and has a few things to say in his usual eloquent way.


First week of lobstering season: Mike the truck driver

Lobsterman Mike ruminates on how to deal with boaters who steal from his lobster traps. He fills us in on the solar panels he installed at the dock to power his lobster holding tanks.

Finally, the value boat ownership has brought to the relationship he has with his father.

Mike the Lobsterman’s Baked Stuffed Lobster Recipe: Not for the Faint of Heart

Mike the lobsterman shares his father's recipe for baked stuffed lobster. You need a sharp knife.

Delivered with Mike's inimitable sense of style. Not for the faint of heart. Nor for those who support PETA.

If Mike inspires you, buy from Amazon the classic and well-reviewed The Secret Life of Lobsters.


Mike the truck driver on some of most beautiful sh*t he has seen

Lobsterman and truck driver Mike was on scene with his dad in their lobster boat the night the Salem railway bridge caught fire. So was the raised pilot boat CanDo, known from the blizzard of '78 and central to Mike Tougias's eponymous book.

Mike describes what he saw that night.

Tougias's book on the blizzard of '78 is available on Amazon. Likewise his book on the storm- and hubris-driven sinking of the CanDo.


Mike the Truck Driver Reviews “Lone Voyayger”, Joe Garland’s Biography of Howard Blackburn

Mike the Truck Driver, who lobsters out of Salem, Ma. when he 's not on the road, reviews and reads from Joe Garland's Lone Voyager (Amazon), the biography of Howard Blackburn.

Not exactly safe for work. Mike likes salty language (what fisherman doesn't?), but his review and reading are sincere.

Buy Lone Voyager at Amazon.