Coast Guard f/n Samantha Hughes Reads from Macbeth

Coast Guard station Gloucester's Samantha Hughes was the first on base to volunteer for the Gloucester Shakespeare Project - a community-based reading project designed to encourage local residents to take a crack at reading Shakespeare out loud, on camera.

She read from Macbeth.

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Squid and Calamari at the Cut Bridge in Gloucester, Ma.

Local Gloucester, Ma. fisherman Sean Renard, second shift FedEx foreman, discusses squid fishing at the cut bridge on the Annisquam River in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Squid make excellent striped bass bait. They're also good eating when fried or cooked Italian style with pasta and red sauce.

Calamari recipes from the Food Network.


Birdsong at Two Penny Loaf, Gloucester

Summer continues at Two Penny Loaf on the Essex River. A particularly ebullient bird has much to say about it.

Recorded with a Tascam DR-05 at the Essex County Greenbelt saltmarsh holdings behind Wingaersheek Beach in West Gloucester.


Seven Hours of Hell: at the oars in Salem Sound

Six miles offshore in Salem Sound, Mike the lobsterman's motor quits. The seas and wind build. Mike puts to the oars. His boat weathercocks heavily, the bilge pump working overtime.

Weathercocking places a boat's bow head-to the wind - a benefit for seaworthiness, a bane if trying to head home in a stern-quartering wind.

Mike calls his dad via cell phone and refuses to call the Coast Guard.

Mike the Lobsterman on the wreck of the schooner Jennie M. off Salisbury Beach

The cargo schooner Jennie M., driven ashore by a powerful nor'east storm while enroute to Boston with a cargo of cobblestones, was lost with all hands. The ship's ribs, buried in the sands of Salisbury Beach, uncover every few years during winter storms.

Local gossip holds that the Jennie was carrying moonshine liquor.

The crew abandoned ship. Their bodies were never found. Sole survivor of the wreck was the ship's cat.

Mike visits one day and has a few things to say in his usual eloquent way.


Lobsterman Mike on a bad day at sea and the world’s best bilge pumps

Lobsterman Mike reminisces on a day seven miles off Gloucester in bad weather and gives an endorsement of Rule bilge pumps, manufactured in Gloucester and ubiquitous on the commercial waterfront.

A 14' Novi hull, by the way, is a fast and able seaworthy little motorboat boat with a high bow and swooping sheer line. It's a good boat for 10-pot recreational lobstermen.


Mike the Truck Driver Reviews “Lone Voyayger”, Joe Garland’s Biography of Howard Blackburn

Mike the Truck Driver, who lobsters out of Salem, Ma. when he 's not on the road, reviews and reads from Joe Garland's Lone Voyager (Amazon), the biography of Howard Blackburn.

Not exactly safe for work. Mike likes salty language (what fisherman doesn't?), but his review and reading are sincere.

Buy Lone Voyager at Amazon.